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Treasure boxes Fun activities for pre-schoolers


14 Apr '19 10:00am - 31 Dec '19 4:00pm

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This imposing Victorian fort is home to the Royal Armouries national collection of artillery – The Big Guns. Fort Nelson is one of the...(see more)

About this Event

Our range of treasure boxes have been developed with the needs of little learners in mind.

Each treasure box contains a selection of toys, stories and suggested activities designed to provide hands-on fun for inquisitive pre-schoolers (0-4 years). These boxes are designed to be used independently by parents/carers with their children.

There are 3 different treasure boxes to choose from:

Florence’s travelling trunk

This treasure box will help you explore the Fort’s hospital gallery. Find out what hospitals were like before Florence Nightingale made her reforms and how they changed afterwards. Play at being doctors and patients in our replica beds. This box contains medical themed books, toys and activities. Lots of fun for our next generation of doctors and nurses.

Scales and tales

The Art of Artillery gallery is home to the amazing dragon gun and the terrific tiger mortar. The scales and tales treasure box contains dragon and tiger themed books, soft toys and musical instruments to help you and your children bring history to life.

Sergeant Dobson’s kitchen

This treasure box will help you explore the Fort’s authentic garrison kitchen. Find out what the soldiers would have eaten in Victorian times, then have a go at making your own feast. This box contains food themed books, toys and activities – loads of clean cookery fun for budding chefs!

Price: Museum admission and use of the treasure boxes is free.

Availability and booking

The boxes are available every day. Simply request a treasure box at the visitor centre on arrival at the museum. A member of staff will provide you with a map, which will lead you to the relevant box, plus a code to open the lock.

Treasure boxes are issued on a first come, first served basis and are subject to availability. During busy periods there may be a time limit on usage.

Starts: 14 Apr '19 10:00am

Ends: 31 Dec '19 4:00pm

Place: Royal Armouries Fort Nelson

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