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Penguin Talk & Feed


12 Sep '19 10:00am - 31 Mar '20 5:00pm

About Marwell Zoo

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Marwell’s 140-acre park is home to an incredible range of exotic and endangered species, in beautiful, landscaped surroundings. Just by visiting...(see more)

About this Event

Penguin Cove is likely to be one of your first stops on your visit! Ever the favourites - join our feathered friends at 3.30pm for feeding time and see their streamlined bodies in action as they zoom around their watery world. Lying below a rocky outcrop is a large deep pool with a pebbly beach and stream, and it’s here that you’ll find our noisy little Humboldt penguins bobbing up and down in the water; diving and generally having a great time. Venture into our underground cave and you can see them “fly” through the water with their perfectly adapted, streamlined bodies. Find out more in our daily talk and feed!

Starts: 12 Sep '19 10:00am

Ends: 31 Mar '20 5:00pm

Place: Marwell Zoo

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