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Online Talk - Secret Histories: Extracts from Personal Diaries at Southampton Archives


23 Nov '21 7:00pm - 23 Nov '21 8:00pm

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About this Event

Online talk with Southampton Cultural Services archivist Jo Smith. 

Join Jo in discovering some of the fascinating personal diaries in the city’s archive collection, ranging from a 17th century doctor’s diary to a cruise diary written in the 1970s. Jo will be exploring the lives of some of the diarists and looking at national and local events through their eyes. Some will look at life at sea, both for mariners and passengers, daily life in Southampton, plus the experience of war – both for those serving abroad and those left at home.

Clear instructions and details for how to log in to this talk will be emailed on purchase. 

Starts: 23 Nov '21 7:00pm

Ends: 23 Nov '21 8:00pm

Place: SeaCity Museum

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