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15 Jan '20 2:30pm - 18 Jan '20 7:30pm

About The New Forest National Park

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William the Conqueror set aside the Forest for hunting more than 900 years ago as his 'Nova Forestra' or 'New Forest' and centuries of...(see more)

About this Event

Winston Smith works for the Ministry of Truth, rewriting history, taking part in the Two Minutes Hate and generally keeping under the radar. In a world where Big Brother is always watching, always listening, a book, a pen, a note, and a room change his world. Will he rebel, or will he learn to love Big Brother?

George Orwell’s book is deftly adapted by Matthew Dunster and given the Forest Forge Youth Theatre treatment in this production. Sometimes it feels prophetic, always it feels claustrophobic and eye-opening, the parallels to today’s society where many houses have an Alexa sitting in the corner of their kitchen and social media mines our data to see what to sell us, are striking.

With a large ensemble Forest Forge Youth Theatre looks at this classic through security camera eyes and aims to create a high octane, tense and visual performance.

War is peace.

Freedom is slavery.

Ignorance is strength.


Wednesday 15 January 7.30 pm

Thursday 16 January 7.30 pm

Friday 17 January 7.30 pm

Saturday 18 January 2.30 pm

Saturday 18 January 7.30 pm

Starts: 15 Jan '20 2:30pm

Ends: 18 Jan '20 7:30pm

Place: The New Forest National Park

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